Mein Verstand steht still

interactive video installation, HD-video, software, infrared-camera & infrared-light

360 , untouched nature - no signs and disturbances of human beings, whereever I look. Nowadays we rarely encountered this kind of situation. No swooshing truck, no street winding up the hill, no noisy group of tourists, no power pole on the horizon. An observer who is lost by peering into the distance - or though interfering?


"Mein Verstand steht still" is an interactive videoinstallation. The spectator is in the middle thed untouched landscape of Iceland. By moving in front of the screen he triggers disrupting images as well as sounds and becomes the disturbing factor in his environment.


2018 Schauspiel Nord Stuttgart

2018 Klunkerkranich Berlin

2018 Off the Radar Festival Bordesholm/Hamburg

NaturVision 2018

Fahrrad mit Gepäck

im Schauspiel Nord

selbstdreher mechanischer Panoramaschwenkkopf

The main element of the video installation are 20 extremely slow horizontal camera pans over landscapes. Depending on the shot, they cover a panorama of up to 360 , each lasting between 1 and 3 minutes.

A system of computer software, infrared camera and infrared light analyzes the movements of the observer in front of the screen and, starting at a certain speed of motion, triggers disturbance images and sounds for the duration of the movement. These form the opposite pole: rushing, dynamic recordings of body parts or time-lapse sequences of whole human groups combined with noise from white noise, frequency cracking and high-frequency sounds.


In order to be independent of electricity, the tripod head of the camera was umafe of a nylon thread, a deflection mechanism and a weight. This rotates the camera autonomously and continuously around its own axis. The height of the weight determines the rotational speed of the head by the gravitational force. In order to be able to adjust these precisely to the requirements (choice of the objective, desired speed), a water bottle was used for this purpose, the filling quantity of which makes the weight finely adjustable. In order to achieve the highly saturated alienation effect of the desturbing images, an "analogue / optical" method was used. The recordings were first projected onto a wall using a projector. These were finally filmed again with a video camera, but not with a usual exposure time, which by the inertia of the eye would have made the image look normal, but with a shortened exposure time so that the filmed image is divided into its 3 basic colors.

The two-week trip to the individual locations within Iceland took place on a bicycle, with which both camera technology and camping equipment was transported.